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Send SMS, Text, MMS worldwide form your PC, Phone, Tablet, iPad, Facebook… and now chat with SassyChat! anywhere anytime. SassyToll is without doubt my favourite project to date. It is very different to anything I have ever worked on, but although it looks wrong, men hate it, and everyone doubts it success… women love it! And now with over 1000 new hits per day it is finally beginning to take off. I know in time SassyToll & SassyChat will become striving successes.
Roster Made Easy By SMS. This was an old project of mine, I truly enjoyed my time developing this. I am glad to see it is still running, however the style and coding are now a bit dated, but it is simple to use, and easy to setup, nothing complex here.
Sometimes the most important history made… is made today. I LOVED working for Backupearth, it was a wonderful company, however it like many other web companies closed when the recession hit Europe. If I had the money I would re-open it again.

Ink Systems for Printing Press. Ok although not the ‘best’ slogan ever, SISC (Solstice Ink Supply Control) is a technology that allows News Paper manufactures, Web Printer and Offset printer save huge money on their newspaper production.. I got to travel the world installing this, and it was by no means an easy install. SISC is an application that controls the supply of Ink to large printing presses (some over 4 stories tall). The costs to install SISC range anywhere form €110,000 - €500,000 and took many weeks to months to construct and install. I was lucky enough to be chosen to develop software application to run this machines. It was many months to years of happy labour I assure you.
Zafer is a dear friend of mine and a wonderful Photographer, Check out his website, I know you will enjoy it

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